What Ajebo Hustlers didn’t get right in Barawo. Kpos Lifestyle Or Palm-Whine music, what’s your take?

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Barawo we all know translates to ”thief” in Nigerian language context, and carefully listening to this tune by the duo, one can’t really place their hand on who the culprit is. If it is the friend who was burnt or the people who didn’t put an end to it, yet still the government that has left us all to our vices without checks and balance.

As we delve in deep into the song we get to appreciate diction of the team in trying as much as possible to make every word rhyme to get a rhythm and we get to see this hot tune by one of PH’s finest is making waves on our airplay and finding it’s way to our individual playlist on our phones.

As you, listen one gets to notice that the instrumental on this song starts off with a very catchy and enticing intro that gives everyone who listens, the chills of being thrilled to a banger which of course it is. While the beat progresses, the introduction of the horn-like percussion gives you a feel of danger which actually the duo addressed in their lyrics. The snare drums came at intervals representing the punchlines of the song. I must say, I give it up to the producer of the track for his display of craftsmanship. Also, the sound engineer who mixed&masterd the track. They both did a great job. But the same can’t really be said for the duo. Yes, I said it. What they should have focused more on was their lyrical content, as rhythm&rhyme is essential in music-making but when excessively used it gives the impression that the artist lack content, rather repetition is more effective to lay emphasis on a particular subject matter.

Also, they employed the use of conventional storytelling which is open-ended with no structure or direction rather than a dialogue approach which will paint a more vivid picture for the listeners and give a sequential build-up of events and scenes. Much was expected of them cause when I think of the tag-team the first comparison that comes to mind is ShowDemCamp; the palm-whine music duo who is a major export in the West and internationally.

The Ajebo Hustlers can be our own palm-whine music export from the south since they’ve stuck to it and are often identified with it. In all they did a good job, but they can make it great next time. The duo should take the suggestion in this article into consideration to help build their craft.

Have a listen yourself and share your thoughts, let’s continue the conversation.


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