REVEALED: Did Legendary Suni Lie About The Car? (READ)

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It’s no doubt that celebrities & public figures love to show off their assets, especially in this era of social media. To portray an image of opulence, many celebrities live extravagant lifestyles while some go as far as faking a lifestyle they can’t afford by twisting the truth.

Considering that artistes who are signed to record labels like to show off their possessions, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they will make up stuff if they don’t have it because fans expect them to posses it based on their status quo.

When Snazzy Label ex-signee Legendary Suni flagged off a 2007 Ford Mustang GT worth 7million Naira on social media with the caption “New Whip!!! @snazzylabels...” on the 16th of March, alleging the car was a gift from Snazzy Label to him, there were a lot of speculations behind it as fans believed the car was a social media stunt or using the actual lingua applied by most “LAMBA” which is termed “LIE” in proper English.

There is a general belief which says “There is no smoke without fire”. Well observations and revelations in recent times has shun light on what might actually be the truth behind the “Car Gift”.

Hire Space Nigeria which is suspected to be linked or owned by the Snazzy label boss is a car hire service company which has in recent times advertised their company using the same car Legendary Suni has earlier revealed to the public to be his. But paying close attention it’s know coincidence that Legendary Suni and his manager are affiliated with the car hire company, as they were used by the company to advertise their brand using the same 2007 FORD MUSTANG GT which Suni Flaunts to be his.

But here is the icing on top of the cake. A Post with the same car which is still without a plate number was spotted on the WhatsApp Status of the Snazzy Label Boss with the caption

“ Available for video shoots, movies Celebrity Pick Ups, hire etc #HireSpaceAutos”

There is no denying the fact that at this point it is really unclear if Legendary Suni actually owns the car he claims was gifted to him by Snazzy Label or if this is just one of these artiste/label publicity stunt to gain fans admiration.

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