An Overview: Dandizzy single Woskey

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Dandizzy (wave zaddy) has certainly created a Jam. As Woskey is a certified club banger, and everyone who takes a listen will agree on that. The hot sizzling vibe, is sure to get every & anyone on their feet shaking that booty to the well patterned  drums on the mental  as it has a funk feel, which definitely is a vibe. Not to leave out the continuous and recurrent sound on the beat being made by the drums, which to me serves as the icing on the cake for the beat. Moving on, Dan takes the contemporary lane of Afro beat artists. Who dwell their songs on ladies. Here he talks about his ordeal with a typical Nigerian girl, who’s out to play a brother. Banking on the fact she’s got really nice features, feels she can make a cash cow out of any promising young fellow. But certainly not him. In the chorus he goes “shawty won they woskey, omo me I baskey” a slang that will interpret into; A lady trying to play a fast one, but I’m more than what meets the eye. 

 In the succeeding verse ; Dan talks about his skills, though it’s something he doesn’t brag about. Yet this lady wants to put him on a long thing, just like the Koko master(no long thing). He also highlights a huge problem the Nigerian scene is facing. Which is the issue of young girls who outrightly prefer Aristocratic men, to young & promising ones. Which is still something that’s just to outrageous in this generation. Dan goes further to tell us he can’t fall for her trick, and then, their is a repetition of the verse. That displays his mastery of breath control and pronunciation while at such a fast pace. No denying the song is a club banger it doesn’t certainly meet the expectations of every listener, and to Dan; their’s always room for improvement to get better in your craft. And talking of improvement, a lot of fans will agree with me that there hasn’t been any significant growth in terms of lyrical content and style, as much has been expected from Dandizzy, even if we are optimistic about what the future holds for the Wave Daddy.

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