Rape: Don’t say it! or Zip it!

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When life returns to normalcy, what do we expect?
Here’s a future issue especially that they’ve been reports of similar remarks by people in the past.

It is assuming every girl will accuse you of rape. The fear of being falsely accused of rape is totally valid and understandable. Also, wrongly accusing another of such dastardly act is in itself wickedness.

Making a joke out of an issue this serious is however inappropriate and insulting to whoever it may be directed at.

Here’s an example;
Guy: Hey! Joy, what’s up?
(takes her hand)
Joy: Guy, leave my hand.
Guy: Abeg o, before she’ll say I raped her.

Rape is so common that you don’t know its survivors, most of who suffer in silence because of fear of societal backlash. Women have been scared of rape but don’t think all men are rapists, No.

Indisputably, rapists are terrible people but don’t get ahead of yourself and make such lewd remarks.


Imagine that the person you’re referring to is a survivor.

Then, imagine she’s someone you love.


Don’t be the reason any woman is scared to speak up, get the help she needs and has a terrible day.

It’s advisable to Zip it! if one doesn’t have an appropriate remark.

Respect women’s wishes.

Don’t touch women unsolicitedly.

A few women have come forward to say they’ll not tolerate such remarks or ideologies from their male friends. As the ideologies are harmful.

They’ll go as far as blocking such persons and unfriending them.


Author: OmG

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