MERRYMEN & SUGAR RUSH (it’s a conversation) REVIEW

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6 Questions: 2 Movies: 1 Review

Let’s cut to the chase!

I’m OmG!! You’ll get the feeling.

I’m K.O🔥🔥. I’m hot errrrmmouth-hot.  

Guess which movies we’ll be comparing?

Don’t bother, we’ll help you.

*drum rolls*


(It’s a conversation)


Q. On a scale of 1-10, how realistic were the movies?
Which one lacked realism most, and why?

OmG!: Ummm….okay. Well, I believe Sugar Rush was deliberately fictitious so I’ll say an 8 and as for MerryMen, I at a lot of points didn’t think it was very realistic as some scenes didn’t connect with others for me. So, I’ll go with a 4.5.

K.O🔥: For me, Sugar Rush was more realistic. On a scale of 1-10, I’ll give it a 6. Some parts were really too good to be true. It’ll be a real rarity to find money that way. For MM, it’s basically a hero thingy they intended but this isn’t Spider man, we’re in Nigeria. Such people hardly thrive. I like their objectives though. So, it’ll take a 4.

Q. Let’s talk about the actors and how they interpreted their roles. What are your thoughts?

OmG!!: Lol…. I personally love this question cos any chance I get to talk about good acting, I’ll take it ….so for any Nollywood lover its no surprise that Bimbo Ademoye (Bola Sugar) once again killed her role. I could totally relate at various points cos I am after all a real life last born.
But speaking honestly all actors did it for me in Sugar Rushalthough I did feel at some point that Mawuli (Dan) wasn’t at home with the character he played…but all things considered,he did a decent job.

For MerryMen …I think I almost already knew what to expect and even though I think everyone may have interpreted their roles nicely I don’t think the integration of all characters to the movie was that great….needless to say I didn’t fell the connection between the characters when I watched it as I did Sugar Rush.

K.O🔥: I also have to give it up for Bimbo (Bola), She didn’t disappoint. She makes me laugh, always. Then, for UzorArukwe, wow! The guy did good. Adesua and Bisola (Susie & Sola Sugar) proved themselves once again, really. IMO, They’re really great actresses. Adesua also portrayed the big sister lookingoutforothers syndrome, which was perfect(I’m a big sister, y’all) and Bisola, the middle sister with plenty sense and open eye (na dem).

For MerryMen, I liked all the others and they interpreted their social justice roles just fine. Falz (Remi Martins) did a particularly good job cracking me up.

Q. Who was your favourite character in both the movies?

OmG!: In Sugar Rush unsurprisingly, Bimbo did it for me. …I laughed at so many moments and could personally relate a lot …her interpretation was very realistic.
In MerryMen … would be utter disrespect to neglect the Greats, Aunty Ireti (Dame Maduka) comes through every time and she did again ….you’d almost believe she was a real life corrupt politician. …lol

K.O🔥: I have to state categorically that I’m terrible at having favourites. For Sugar Rush, Bimbo comes close for me.  However, Bisola did it for me. She is the realest.

In MerryMen, I’ll give it to Ramsey. Somehow, his demeanour and all in the movie sat well with me.

Q. For MM, can we say the sequel was better?

OmG!: Definitely not. I very much preferred the first movie from casting to comic relief to delivery. It was in my not so humble opinion undoubtedly better.
K.O🔥: I don’t think I have an opinion on whether it was better.
Blehhh will do.

Q. What in the movies made you cringe? 😉

OmG!: Oh yeah in MerryMen, towards the end when Jim Iyke (NazOkigbo) announced they were having a baby and I knew very well they hadn’t taken the test or gone to the hospital to confirm or at least that’s what the story progression revealed….

In Sugar Rush, it would be when Mawuli (Dan) got himself shot by trying to fight back even if he had nothing to fight with…. I thought that wasn’t necessary but other than that, thumbs up to the production teams of both movies.
K.O🔥: It’ll have to be the special effects scene in Sugar Rushlike WTH! Then, Banky’s (Anikulapo a.k.a White Lion) make-up was oh-no. He’s Banky! don’t make him low-budgetJidenna. It’s the role (chuckles).

*OmG! catches head*

Q. Did you notice any bit of overacting at any point …If yes, when?

K.O🔥: In MM, I noticed some overreacting but I can’t place my hand on it.
OmG!: Lol… right?
K.O🔥: Irriswariris! For Sugar Rush, Bimbo did a lil extra, I’ll say.
OmG!: Oh my gawd!!!😱
K.O🔥: 😂😂

Any other words?

OmG!: Hmmmm…… as my friend would say, they did good but there’s always room for improvement. And yeah, I forgot to add…I really did not understand why they had to make their surname Sugar”. Don’t get me wrong now…I’m all for puns but we as Nigerians are well aware that we don’t go around answering such names. Our last names are usually indigenous and have deep meanings. One could have easily attributed the sugar in the movie title to be money or the good lifestyle money affords … To me honestly, that was them doing the most cos I didn’t think it was necessary at all.

K.O🔥: Nah.

*the end*

We’ll love to know your thoughts in the comment section and if you have any questions for us, well, we’re here.

Thank you for staying with us. See ya whenever!



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