Is the CEO of GMA the reason for the break up of the Ultimate love couple PreshDavid? (READ)

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Can anyone really guarantee love?
Are there places, activities, games or even shows where love can be found?

I bet we all have our diverse opinions on the above subject, but one thing is certain and sure; we all want to find love.

That was the sole aim of the Ultimate Love Show; a Nigerian reality competition series which had 16 random contestants (half of each gender) who were single secluded in a house for 50 days under 24 hours surveillance.

The contestants were first meant to get to know each other, then couple up, make the relationship work, say I do and build a future together. Ultimately letting love win in the end.

One couple from the show which ended in March 2020 have recently seemed to pick our interest.

The couple PreshDavid (David Wilson and Presh Talker) had a good run on the show which is sometimes referred to as Love Pad; and after checking out (been evicted) from the show, they continued with their passionate and fiery romance as was seen in their social media posts.

It was even been said that if there was one couple from the show that is acing their social media game, then it had to be PreshDavid; as the lovers were seen having the time of their lives together and participating in almost all social media challenges.

Being both based in Port Harcourt, the couple had a grand homecoming after the show and their fans were also supportive as David was gifted a car and the sum of one million Naira. One could say that love was ultimately winning.

However, there now seems to be trouble in paradise as the couple have not been sighted together in over 2 months and recently, they both deleted each other’s pictures from their social media accounts.

Reports from an insider have revealed that David first took down all pictures of himself and Presh from his Instagram handle and even made a few WhatsApp posts about it and then Presh reciprocated.

Although the couple have not made any official statement concerning their relationship status, we have reasons to believe that they are no longer together.

A close associate told us that they had to go their separate ways because of some unreconcilable differences. Guess they were not compatible after all.

It is been said that Presh had to end the relationship in order to maintain her sanity, yet she is been victimized by some fans. We can only but imagine what she might have gone through.

A sad one it would be if it all ends here; But No, we think someone might have found love again.

Presh recently posted a loved up photo of herself and Stanley Azubuike (CEO and founder Galaxy 360media and convener of the Galaxy Music Awards) alongside a caption that reads:

“Who else is loving life as much as I am?
Lesson learnt: find the most beautiful things in life and enjoy them. Your older self will thank you for it.”

Could there be something going on between these two?
Well, we are yet to confirm, but we know that Presh have been working with Stanley for over 5 years both as presenter and now GMA (Galaxy Music Awards) host.

Maybe there could be a chemistry between them. We will keep you updated as it unfolds.


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