K.O Baba Testifies about surviving Vision Loss & birth of his child

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This life indeed is no bed of roses, daily each and every one of us are faced with struggles that sometimes seem to overwhelm us. 

Too many at times we often feel that our pains or situations are worst than that of our neighbours but we can never know what a person really goes through because we do not walk in the same shoes. 

Our individual struggle in life is best described in Burnaboy’s song – No Fit Vex

Yes, we all struggling and until a person speaks of his or her own pains, you may never know. 

Well, that is the case of comedian KO Baba who have been off social media for a while. 

He recently shared with his fans some of the struggles and challenges he has been facing, and of course some testimonies because it never remains bad all the time. 

KO Baba who got married in 2016, have been waiting patiently and praying for the blessings that comes with marriage (kids of course); and fortunately for him in 2019, his wife took in but unfortunately they lost the babies (a set of identical girl twins). However, in 2020 he and his wife once again found joy and are been compensated as his wife recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. 

Though in a joyful mood, the comedian recounted some of his travails in the past few months. Few days before his wife gave birth, he had been struggling with his eyesight and even had to undergo surgery.

Thankfully it all went well, but before then because of his poor eyesight he was involved in a couple of accidents. He also described one occasion where he was anchoring a wedding and constantly bumped into the decorations because of his poor vision. But according to him; to God be the glory, its all in the past now. 

While describing his new born baby, we could definitely feel his excitement. He described her as not just an ordinary baby but in his own words he said “this is a tall baby.” 

One would ordinarily wonder how a new born baby would already be described as tall.

But well, KO Baba being a comedian and well furnished in sarcasm has his reasons. He later revealed that the “this is a tall baby” statement emanated from the fact that Mercy Chinwo had earlier prophesized that his wife (KO Baba’s wife) would deliver on her birthday and it happened exactly just like that. KO Baba’s wife delivered her baby girl on the 5th of September 2020.

KO Baba went ahead to appreciate all his fans and everybody that has reached out to him and have shown support in one way or the other.

He also announced that he would be having a show coming up very soon and would really appreciate some support as it will help to provide the financial assistance needed to take care of his baby. He jokingly added that the show is a fund raising program that will be used to train the baby which he is currently receiving all these congratulatory messages for. 

SO, we should all do well to attend and of course buy tickets. 

Lest before I forget, let us all be kind to one another. A little act of kindness goes a long way, you never know whom you might be saving even with just a smile.


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